CSS Is Easy Tutorial #1: Inline Form with Blueprint

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7 thoughts on “CSS Is Easy Tutorial #1: Inline Form with Blueprint

  1. rch4

    That´s a good point. But in my opinion, a CSS framework is like “crawling in a speedway”. Just my opinion. Keep working, and please bring us some “basics”.

  2. sirokai

    @rch4 True, but this isn’t a tutorial about the “right” way to do things, simply a way to do things using the grid structure provided by Blueprint. People learn to crawl, then they learn to walk.

  3. rch4

    sorry for my mistake: “unsemantic”. I mean with a div tag you are making a divition of some html content. in this case you are using many (unnecessary) divs just for presentation, when you can do it using CSS for the tags that must be in this form.

  4. rch4

    Sorry, but: 9 divs inside a form tag for just 5 items?? This is absolutely unsemnatic! it’s a bad practice. You can just make label display as blocks, float them, set a width and clear with the button. Blueprint is for incial layout, not for this.

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