Creatives grow better in the South West

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24 thoughts on “Creatives grow better in the South West

  1. neilraygun

    Love this. Absolutely brilliant. Hope it gets lots of coverage deserved coverage for creatives. Have blogged about it on neilcocker spot comm… 🙂

  2. cdron97

    Damn! Damnation. Ya had ‘n got the secret out, didn’t ya. Aye, now there’ll be a run on ’em, ideas that is. No tell’n who’ll want one. If’n we’re not careful they’ll be rare as ‘ens teeth, they will. Mind ye, a fine vintage idea will make yer ‘ed spin. It will, that.

  3. squelchbaker

    Side note: freer is a word.

    Also – that was amazing. A wonderful bit of classic British satire. Made me laugh.

  4. Sylvieharp

    Extraordinarily well done. The actor is superb. Hope that is what he does for a living! Well directed too.

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