Creating A Smooth Contact Form with AJAX, PHP and MYSQL

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19 thoughts on “Creating A Smooth Contact Form with AJAX, PHP and MYSQL

  1. MrRaheelAhmad4UTube

    @SamuelLJackson55 Yes dude i also checked this code but its not woking. Over here the method has used is POST but its action is like GET so what the heck is this nonsence??? 🙁

  2. SamuelLJackson55

    Dude. I’ve tried this code and tested with Chrome and it doesn’t work. Upload the ****N source code so those watching know what’s going on. Do that or take this video down. thanks.

  3. andrikio

    I’ve change 2 troubleshoot the problem.& found that the DIV comes down but it wont stay down, seems something is triggering the slideUp code:
    $(document).ready(function(){ $(“div#msgbox”).slideUp(“slow”);
    $(“#addComment”).click(function(){ $.post(‘process.php’, { name:$(“#name”).val(),
    comment:$(“#comment”).val}, function (response){ $(“div#msgbox #msg”).html(“Hola ok”); $(“div#msgbox”).slideDown(“slow”); }); }); $(“div#msgbox”).click(function(){ $(this).slideUp(“normal”); }); });

  4. andrikio

    hi, i’ve followed the tutorials and think is a great start, but i actually got some weird problem.. as it declare
    it want show up the div!

    any hint?


  5. rockstersgang

    Thank for the video.It really helps me too learn few basics things about to work in jquery.I really love this video and .Thanks once again.Keep up the good work….

  6. pepparn123

    If you’d like in the procces.php file a script that , i.e
    if($blabla != 1) {
    make so that the div says: “Comment unacceptable” instead
    how would you do that?

  7. shakaama

    noob question uh jquery isn’t a file? what am i supposed to copy and past it to notepad or something? wasn’t apparent in the video and going to jquery dot com is really not apparent. i know html css.. but the coding geeks just don’t even care you don’t speak their version of geeklish.

  8. TheRopstah

    You should notice more of the things the editor does for you while typing.. saves you a lot of backspaces 😉

  9. tuleo554

    not bad but to make a decent Ajax message board try this


    take it to the next level 🙂

  10. twenty7thyrsold

    i used this code. it doesnt work.can it be the ommited closing? can i paste my code here for u too see whats wrong?

  11. pbj746

    that means you dont have a correct password in the database connection, or you don’t have one set in mysql, also check the username and make sure its spelled correctly

  12. RustyDoorknobs

    Good tut, but you need to check your code better – you forgot to close the parentheses after “process.php”, I think that might have been your problem, because as I remember functions don’t have to return anything.

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