Creating A Simple Button [Photoshop CS3]

24 thoughts on “Creating A Simple Button [Photoshop CS3]

  1. SqualrusCT

    @XxGazzipxX You should be able to hold in the square Rectangle Tool button, which will pop out more shape options, like the Line Tool, Ellipse Tool and Rounded Rectangle Tool.

  2. XxGazzipxX

    got a lil guesstion the tool you use by the regtengula blablabla thing is at the ends round and whe ni fdo this its not round , but why how to fix it?

  3. SqualrusCT

    If you double click the text layer, a window will come up with all of the different types of effects that can be applied to that layer. You can try the different properties by checking the box and selecting that effect, and then changing all of the settings associated with it. For a back-lighting, I guess i would suggest the ‘Outer Glow’ effect. Hope that is what you are looking for.

  4. Wiin768

    Now i see but i shoot on all photoshop to find this option.

    If you want you can take 20 films about how to use this option like, pen, layers and others and show what user can do with this. And after show how to make with this all options together.

  5. Wiin768

    Very problematic toutorial from not good understanding english language people. But you do all of the keyboard and telling what you do. Efect is: This toutorial is not from beginers because he dont know how to use keyboard and cant see what you take. And not from proffesional users because many of this people do this shit in 5 minute.

    Beginers must see options on the palet and after use the keyboard to take pen, lasso and others… Off 0:53 i not understanding what you doing…

  6. Ro0hm3

    Great tutorial, thanks mate!

    What do you use to record and what settings? Would be really appreciated if you replied!

  7. HaLO3gamer91

    ok i figured it out. all you have to do is, delete the BG layer and then save it as a PNG file and there you go.

  8. SqualrusCT

    If you save it as a jpg, it will add the white corners to it. A filetype like png supports transparency, but is often a larger file size. That is something to take into consideration when creating assets. In the case of this button, either filetype will be very small, so a png will take care of your issue.

  9. SqualrusCT

    Yeah, actually that is what I usually end up doing. The only problem with that is that sometimes depending on the quality of PNG file, it may have a white, grainy-looking border around it. In some cases I have had to make the image/button with a small border of the same color that it is being placed in.

  10. SqualrusCT

    That’s a very good point. When I embedded that button in a web page I had to go back and change the background to the same background as my page. Thanks for the feedback, and if you’d like, please subscribe, there are going to be some awesome changes soon.

  11. KSkates08

    You Should Start With A Transparent Sheet. Then Just make the button. That way When You Use it, it will use your background and not have white edges.

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