Create Column Layouts with CSS Part 1

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20 thoughts on “Create Column Layouts with CSS Part 1

  1. divakaneva

    I put my margin left and right columns the same as yours 50% and I get a big gap in between if i put my left at 50% and right at 20% it works i’m getting really confused with all the tutorials Ive tried none of them have actually worked for me.

  2. lazzayo

    One problem, when I create my div inside my left column (I followed your code exactly) and put my border and margin into the css and when i refreshed in ie it got rid of my border and margin, can anybody help? thanks

  3. artisticbend

    It’s a good explanation of some important column formatting issues. But what if you wanted to use specific, fixed pixel values for columns instead of percentages? I’ve been trying to develop three columns side by side using fixed values, and (as of yet) I haven’t been able to figure it out.

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