Create a Website Fast using Photoshop and Fireworks

25 thoughts on “Create a Website Fast using Photoshop and Fireworks

  1. bigperv78

    Thank You Sir. You are teaching an old dog new tricks. Saved me a butt load of time and some hair on my head.

  2. MrYosheOne

    @cbarrett83 lol well im looking at my MAC keyboard right now and what I see, is “OPTION” with a tiny word that says “ALT” 😉
    Im just messin ya 🙂

  3. cbarrett83

    @MrYosheOne 1: I know the Alt Key and the Option Key are the same thing but on a mac it’s option not alt. 2: I said the prize is for somebody that figures out how to put mac OS X on a windows computer. 3: I’m not the one offering the prize some rich guy is.

  4. MrYosheOne

    @cbarrett83 The “OPTION” key is ALSO the “ALT” key. Ill be taking my 500k in $1’s please. 😉

  5. MrYosheOne

    AWESOME tutorial bro! TOTALLY needed that! THANK YOU!! 🙂 Looking forward to future schoolin! 🙂 lol

  6. mojara2009

    Hey man this is great!!! I completely understand this because I was slicing with Microsoft’s expression design and Fireworks has way more features.

  7. cbarrett83

    You say to use alt-shift to copy layers and keep them lined up (The part where you duplicate the text for the links). Unless you found a way to put mac OS X on a windows computer I would like to know where you found the alt key. If you did put mac os x on a windows computer there is currently an unclaimed $500k prize for the person that figures out how to do it.

  8. MarvelousFiles

    On a regular day i would say “great for the music” but i was actually annoyed by it.
    But i still like the video, and think it’s a great job!
    Just … no background song…
    That’s all i’m saying.

  9. TheDustyGuvna

    Hey Neace whats the names (artists & songs you’re playing in the background)???

    Great vid too by the way

  10. lyamwins

    you explain how to upload a pic you took from the internet but you don’t explain how to upload it from your computer.. wtf?

  11. akumazilla

    Dumb question: Do you prefer using fireworks or hard coding in html? A little of both? Great tut. Thank you for this.

  12. erosevaporator

    Awesome tutorial! Got the master suite for christmas and was stoked, but after I started playing with it I was overwhelmed like mad. This was an AWESOME help. You earned yourself a subscriber and five stars, sir!

  13. ksidornseif

    Great tutorial. i watch this about a month ago and have been extensively working in fireworks and confident on my work in it. When i make a website for a client, i hardly even need photoshop. except for making a logo, some gradients, etc. i love how in FwCS4 adobe made it so easy to align, move around, etc. objects. anyways, thanks for the headstart. 5/5.

  14. FredFoothand

    Hey there…I’ll bet you didn’t know that you just stole that image of the desert for this tutorial.

  15. TBBiggs

    Yeah I agree it’s possible. I’m looking into it right now as well. Let’s see who gets there first, eh! Thanks again. Great tuts.

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