Create A Flash Picture Gallery With Adobe Bridge CS4

25 thoughts on “Create A Flash Picture Gallery With Adobe Bridge CS4

  1. blue09us

    Hi… i created a web gallery how i can add it to my website…. i already set up the local site and i can upload files and everything.. example …. i want link the web gallery in Portfolio on my index… how can i do it ? you wrote the location but i want to do is when i open index … click on portfolio and shows up the web gallery… Thanks in advance

  2. QUW5

    When I select more than 10 images, Br take 10 only for the slideshow. Is there a way to add more than 10 images?

  3. joejoerg

    yea i have to agree…the majority of the features for vista are either pointless and the system itself is too slow even on a new computer. I bought a new vaio a long time ago with vista and i had problems with it right away. Plus not to mention your probibly the only person ive heard of who said vista is better than a mac so either you work for windows or u think ur better just cuz u know more about computers. So with that said especially after buying a mac, VISTA=FAIL*FAIL PLUS 1

  4. AdobEasyTips

    For something like that you would have to create it from scratch in Flash & write your own actionscript.

  5. lukaszmakohon

    Same problem. No autoplay option. Is there any way to start side show when the page is loaded, without clicking play button?

  6. dbc1987dbc

    Hey, what if we want to place the gallery into an existing .html file, you kno so we can have the navigation bar and whatnot…Is this possible through Bridge?

  7. dwillpro

    VISTA does not = fail, it equals an OS which did more than XP, and any Mac OS. It actually did too much so when idiots put it on an 8 yr old computer, and cried that it was slower than xp… they were upset. If windows was like mac, they’d make Windows ONLY work on computers which are 1-2 yrs old. like Snow Leopard, it only works on macs from 2007 and up. Snow Leopard = FAIL!!

    I used the heck out of vista for massive photo and video editing, worked great with 8GB RAM.

  8. theatreofthewrong

    Is it possible to have a web gallery that previews (or even includes) .SWF files? Bridge will catalog the files and preview them within Bridge itself, but when I try to output them to a web gallery, it rejects .swf files with the message “None of the selected images is image file.” Very frustrating.

  9. AdobEasyTips

    Take all your assets and throw them into your web folder. One of the files Bridge outputs is called index html it will be the html page that holds the gallery.

  10. AdobEasyTips

    Could depend on the kind of gallery you chose. Try selecting a different type. I was able to use more than ten images.

  11. kryskasia

    Cool tut, but I’m getting frustrated. I have the same problem as LuzMay26 and I can’t find a solution. I don’t know how to upload more than 10 pictures into the gallery. Please help!!! Thanks.

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