Crazy Angry lady screaming @ kid (Spazzing out on a bad day (lots of cursing ;) )

23 thoughts on “Crazy Angry lady screaming @ kid (Spazzing out on a bad day (lots of cursing ;) )

  1. khalilts

    @WKvernich they didn’t take shit, they took A shit in front if her door…which is pretty gross. I’d be mad too if I had to clean that up..

  2. WKvernich

    who cares if they took stuff. shes going on like she owns the town. haha “you don’t know who i am?” get a life lady. looks to me like shes the one who needs to grow up. last time i checked adults do walk around screaming cuss words. she could have handled the situation alot better to say the least.

  3. RatchetandClankNXTG3


    Uh, no. I ain’t afraid of no bitch, and I don’t let people get away with shit. The only person I’m afraid of is my dad, nobody else.

  4. j3s0n

    @RatchetandClankNXTG3 I think what would really happen is you would see the size of their cohort and then walk away with a dented pride but at least not a dented face.

  5. RatchetandClankNXTG3


    Yes, I am sure. First off, there isn’t a reason to shit on someones’ doorstep. Secondly, my house is protected by alarm, plus cameras, so we’d know who did it. Lastly, if that did EVER happen, I would surely, either beat them, and then take a shit on them. I keep my word, no jokes.

  6. Face2nutts

    @jrockzmyv382 I would put the poo in a plastic bag, then wait until the little bastards werent looking…the smear it on their faces…teach em a lesson.

  7. DoYaCareBoutMe

    She is not crazy even though it’s funny if I had that happen to me I would probably get pissed of too.

  8. rentonthurston10

    you see where you live??? in the fine print when u sign for it it says… pice of shit community.

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