Cole Hernandez 4 Eastcoastefx

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24 thoughts on “Cole Hernandez 4 Eastcoastefx

  1. tmcgaffin

    Cole! I saw the Rob Dydrek show last night and you really are a very talented dancer.

    Michael Jackson dance moves are the most difficult of all dance moves and you do them very well.

    I loves your spins and all of your illusion dance moves like the Moonwalk in a circle and everything.


  2. GiantsFan1144

    Cole I love when you gave Rob the great pelvic thrust when you first met him!!!1 Your my boy!!! Keep Dancing!!!

  3. GiantsFan1144

    Cole I love the fact that you gave ROB a pelvic thrust when you first met him!!! Your the man bro!!! I hope you make it big…keep dancing!!!

  4. GiantsFan1144

    I love when you first met ROB you gave him the pelvic thrust….your the man bro!!! Keep dancing!!!

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