CHER – Dov’e L’ Amore

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25 thoughts on “CHER – Dov’e L’ Amore

  1. kat0805

    Dove’ L’amore
    Dove’ L’amore
    I cannot tell you of my love
    Here is my story

    I’ll sing a love song
    Sing it for you alone
    Though you’re a thousand miles away
    Love’s felling so strong

  2. kat0805

    Come to me baby
    Don’t keep me waiting
    Another night without you here
    And I’ll go crazy

    There is no other. There is no other
    No other love can take your place
    Or match the beauty of your face
    I’ll keep on singing ’till the day
    I carry you away

    With my love song With my love song

  3. azzamonkeyman

    OMG I remember this from when I was young and I was looking at it like I’ve never heard this and I have!!! 😀

  4. Bananpulver

    this song is played all the time on the radio..
    I didnt know it was a Cher song.
    But its good!! like this song.

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