cheap web sites for mobile djs from vista print

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13 thoughts on “cheap web sites for mobile djs from vista print

  1. terriistuesdayschild

    Hey there! Thanks so much for this, I appreciate it. Looks easy enough, and I wanted control of my own site.
    Thanks again!

  2. jearley2424

    Great Info john i will look at this, i need a site and to be honest like to have the control myself, a simple site is what everyone is now saying so whats wrong with this, there will be a few snobs but hey are they the ones booking you,,,no… so thanks as always mate, good job!

  3. DJStereoTypical

    Thats who i use, very good service, have a look
    decadersdisco co uk

    not a single problem and have had it for over 6 months


    those are some nice templates, I would rather do my own with photo shop and dream weaver anything is possible.

    p.s I’m glad you’re back to the mobile business.

  5. djmarkcotter

    yeah it didnt seem like that “working for the other guys” thing was going that good for you … but yay! i always tell my clients to hire an owner operator over a big “dj service’

  6. martin0mac2000

    WOW i love your new website im guessing the $15 per month fee includes the Domain registration and the Australain registration that gives you the (dot)au bit on the end

  7. SwiftDesign1

    Hey Guys, I’m a professional web designer and I’ve done websites for other famous YouTube DJs and such and I do have a large portfolio. My prices aren’t in the $3000 mark. More the $75 – $150 which is a completely unique design and unlimited pages etc. Let me know if your interested or any of your friends are, thanks!

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