Calling All Porters: Phones for App Ports to Firefox OS

Back in May we launched a program for app developers called Phones for Apps for Firefox OS. We heard from thousands of developers in all corners of the world– thank you for your overwhelming interest.

Developers at BrazilJS by holmes.josh
Since then we’ve shipped out heaps of Geeksphone Keon Firefox OS Developer Preview phones and we’ve listed many new apps in Firefox Marketplace, including games like Rooftops and Yatzy, and L’Arrosoir, a lovely French language garden app. If you’ve built and submitted your app, thank you! Hope the rest of you are making good progress.

Phase 2 now open

Today we’re opening up the second phase of Phones for Apps for Firefox OS. This phase is about sending you a device (for keeps!) to make it easier for you to PORT and test your existing HTML5 app. We’re hyper-focused on getting Firefox OS phones into the hands of porters – developers who’ve already built and shipped an HTML5 web app and have the time now to port that app to the new Firefox OS platform.

Help Mozilla bring the open web to the world of mobile — and gain yourself a first-mover advantage in the Firefox Marketplace.

First step: Apply.


Here’s what you need to know when you apply.

  • We expect to see a URL for a web site, a code repository, or an app platform such as Amazon Web Apps, Blackberry WebWorks, Chrome Web Store, webOS, or the PhoneGap store. If you wrapped an HTML5 app with a native skin to distribute it to iTunes, Google Play or another app market, please indicate the tool you used (e.g., Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Sencha).
  • You must be able to get to work quickly. We are looking for completed apps in September and October.
  • Don’t wait to hear from us. Get started now by downloading the Firefox OS Simulator.
  • REMINDER: If you can’t point us to a live HTML5 app, you will not be eligible for this program.

Introducing Firefox OS


We look forward to reviewing your application. We’ll send an email confirmation when you complete the form. Then we will be in touch only if you are selected to receive a phone. Otherwise you will not hear from us. Thanks for your understanding. (We’re a really small team.)

Can’t wait to see your awesome ported apps. Apply now!

Photo credits: Thanks to Josh Holmes for the great shot from BrazilJS and to MozillaEU for the image from the Firefox OS Debut Poland.

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