Cakephp Blog Tutorial Part 1 – Installation

7 thoughts on “Cakephp Blog Tutorial Part 1 – Installation

  1. sivayuvasamrat

    Mr andrewperk thanks for posting these videos. help me how to send the mails,how to get dynamic select box from database and how to call the ajaxs and javascript in cake php dont forgot to post ist my request

  2. damlemail

    Hi, I am learning CakePHP and I found your tutorial very easy to follow and crisp.

    A couple of tips on improving:

    – Your commentary (although very worthy in explaining things) gets a bit monotonous and low pitched. To make it interesting, you could vary the tone, pitch, mood and speed of talk. Not a lot, just a little. Check out the style of speaking of Kai Ryssdal on NPR Marketplace. He is excellent.

    – You could use a bit of humor in the content you show.

    Thanks for all the help!

  3. andrewperk

    @ivolol Correct, but if I start the tutorial off using cakes bake right away people don’t understand how to install manually, where to change things, how the model/controller/view interact or understand the most commonly used methods. I think it’s best to teach how it all works, then teach how to automate it all using bake once you understand it. I will be covering bake in video 10 which will be uploaded hopefully sometime this week.

  4. ivolol

    Also it’s useful to know how to build a cakephp tutorial from its shell. This will do database setup through the controller, and initialise settings like the security salt automatically.

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