Building Websites : How to Create a Blog on a Web Page

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7 thoughts on “Building Websites : How to Create a Blog on a Web Page

  1. ianbenjaminkenny

    Why oh why won’t this work! I’ve tried everything, stripped down the code to it’s most basic to test it, tried two different blogs of mine to see if that would work, no joy there. I even tried banging my head of the monitor and that just hurt. I really want to get my blog onto my site and I thought that this was the answer, have you any idea or hit of what could possible be wrong? P.S. Go Longhorns!

  2. sensationmartin

    @michaeladeyeye I’m also just getting a link to the rss feed… Don’t know how to get around it

  3. bigboy2268

    What if users want to create a new blog? Are you simply copying and pasting blogs from the original site?

  4. michaeladeyeye

    hi, I’m trying to use the twitter rss but it’s showing as a link but not broadcasting the rss feed link on to my site can you help me

  5. tinbiscuite

    oh its lucid not lucy. but i still don’t get how this blog into webpage works. not well explained

  6. NDexter2009

    Just what I was looking for – great tutorial
    BUT… Can you use blogger to do this – or only wordpress?
    I’m confused at the 3 minute point of this video.

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