Build a site in 10 minutes (Web Based Software)

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18 thoughts on “Build a site in 10 minutes (Web Based Software)

  1. videofunandwebtools

    Try to find
    “Make a free website builder” on youtube

    Its great,easy and no html nedded:)

  2. templatelibrary

    Template Library provides professional readymade web designs/templates that you needed. Our website gives you totally complete package in a format of PSD (layout design), HTML Pages, and PHP for the Contact page that is user friendly and can be customized in an easy way.

  3. nomakeingvidioman

    ???????????? ??Copy/Paste
    ????????????????Lame Vids XD

  4. PriesterVonTyr

    I liked the site things pretty cool but unfortunately its very slow if you dont use the refresh thing on the site(not browser refresh)

  5. kiefpiet

    looks good Vinny.. Still waiting for my closed beta testing application to be accepted, its been way over 6 weeks. :/

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