Box Model Web Page Layouts with CSS

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19 thoughts on “Box Model Web Page Layouts with CSS

  1. solow1991

    you’ll need a text align for IE7 < to center a div. but this is a nice video for those new to html and css. nice vid 🙂

  2. rrphillips

    Using a css reset rule will go a long way to creating consistent layouts for FF and IE. You can find complex reset rule examples through Eric Meyer’s site, but I often use * {margin:0px;padding:0px} as the first rule in my css. That takes away the default margin and padding of all elements and puts IE and Firefox on the same starting line.

  3. GroovyDruid

    I’ve got a challenge. Try getting it to look the same in FF and IE without using a CSS hack. It’s next to impossible.

  4. SwitchRich

    There must have been a point in time when you didn’t know it. You weren’t born with this information in your head!
    I found the tutorial very useful.

  5. tirathmistry

    Awesome video tutorial
    Thanks so much Genus
    You are the Best tutor
    Please upload more tut videos.
    Specially Dreamweaver & css Div tag
    Your all video tutorials are valuable for us
    Thanks so much
    God Bless you


    Very good video using CSS!

    Love the notepad++ also.

    Some ideas I wouldn’t of used. I usually make things complicated and confusing. 😛

    I think I’m going to watch some of your php vids, that stuff is rather difficult compared to (x)html and css which I have somewhat mastered.

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