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  1. luisrsitez

    This idea is great. I found it checking on the Andy 2010 awards. Bravo!
    I´ll write about it in my company´s blog and I hope my customers will take notice when they develop their social networking sites. Really nice work!

  2. BooneOakley1

    @preciousq yes, we do have email. Watch the last few seconds of this or any of our videos OR use the messaging system inside of YouTube. Thanks.

  3. aazzz999zz

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  4. urangtuha

    wow great job !!!

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  5. eflat377

    If your too busy to update your website because you have too much work do you need some help with your work if you need some help that would help me as I need some work. That way we could help each other.

  6. BooneOakley1

    @UltimateSuperChannel well, we have updated the site several times in the past year and we’re constantly switching the annotations. We have some new work so at some point we’ll probably update everything but honestly we’re overloaded with work at the moment. We can barely keep with our twitter at the moment.

  7. Audrey2Mag

    Love it but… are just like all the other agencies. All trying to be different. Still cool though. 🙂

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