(Blue Voda) – Easy Web Page Design With BlueVoda

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23 thoughts on “(Blue Voda) – Easy Web Page Design With BlueVoda

  1. mindtwindompeople

    @Tubedoll No. Just preview it. Then in the browser, File >> Save Page >> PAGENAME.htm and it saves it all, toda.

  2. mikecy14

    i got an internet card and i want to get this application to publishing my websites …
    where i got to go to find the “buying button” og publishing application????

  3. menderfire9

    I discovered this software a year and a half ago and it is absolutely amazing. If you know anything about MS Word you will discover that BlueVoda works almost exactly like MS Word. I have done approx 100 web sights (only two pages each however,) and they are beautiful. I am not a graphic artist, but I still made some impressive looking pages, thanks to the ease and perfection of BlueVoda software. I highly recommend it over all others, and believe me I have tried and failed at all others!!!!

  4. blueandred2k9

    If you guys want to ask for how it cost… READ THIS. This is free, but if you want to donate can u donate them using paypal… Just give ur email to them so there u go! xD

  5. AissurDrol

    This is cool but i can’t pay the $10 a month to keep it running. thats just stupid. it should be free to make websites.

  6. PromiseMeFlowers1

    I really like the ease of the software watching the video but it looks like it only works w/ windows and I have a mac. Is this correct?

  7. DeathProductionsInc

    This website is shit sure you can make a niceeeee page but oh wait you do have to pay once you got it you have to pay to get your webhosting account

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