Basic CSS Tutorial

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24 thoughts on “Basic CSS Tutorial

  1. sneekyfreak12

    I saw a dreamweaver icon while you were saving style.css, do I need to install dreamweaver first to see the style? because the style is not working when i tried it…pls help! thankz

  2. Joshua277456

    save your html file on your desktop and just click it, drag it and drop it onto your web browser icon and it should show up

  3. neogfxcom

    That’s because he’s using Firefox, not Internet Explorer.

    If you’re using IE, you need to right click under your address bar and check “Menu Bar”, then you’ll see the File, Edit, etc. menu. Choose File then Open. Simple.

  4. xanderkhaan

    write it like link, rel, type and lastly thw directing href. AND SOME SOUNNNNNNNNNNND WOULD HELP !!! LOL

  5. ABCruz2310

    It doesn’t matter how you order the link attributes as long as the important ones are present. As for me, I go with rel, href, media (if a style sheet), and type.

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