Aurora 12 is out – improvements and updated Developer Tools

Aurora 12 is out, together with updated Developer Tools, and these are the improvements/changes.


A few of the improvements that stand out a little more:

ECMAScript Harmony’s Simple Map and Set builtins

For testing purposes, we have implemented ECMAScript Harmony’s Simple Map and Set builtins. This is only in Aurora and will be disabled when it goes to beta, so plase test it out now and give feedback! There is also MDN documentation on Set and MDN documentation on Map if you want to learn more.

If you are more interested in Harmony progress, read up on our implementation work for ECMAScript 6

Support multitouch on Android

We’re happy to now have implemented multitouch for Firefox on Android!

Let authors put line breaks (newlines) in tooltips (title attribute)

It might seem like a small thing, but have been discussed quite some time. You can now use newlines for tooltips!

XMLHttpRequest should allow to specify a network timeout in ms (for async requests)

Instead of timeouts and similar, this offers a way to speficy a network timeout for XMLHttpRequests using the timeout attribute.

List of improvements

Here are all the improvements we’ve made complete with links to each bug listing for those who want to read up more on respective implementation.







Developer Tools

There has been a total of 89 improvements to Web Console, Scratchpad, Style Editor, Page Inspector, Style Inspector, HTML view and Page Inspector 3D view (Tilt). Here are the highlights:

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