Artisteer Introduction

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24 thoughts on “Artisteer Introduction

  1. Mind4Media

    you can add flash banners with the assist from javascript to over lay the header banner. You clearly have not looked at this as an option.

  2. BitSmacker

    What a great idea. I bet that all of the “skin” designers are irritated at this product. Now they can’t charge $100+ for simple designs that this does out of the box!

  3. ispaniola

    Oh, and the color schemes are very limited (3colors) and very bad..(combinations like brownish orange-whit-fluorescent turquoise)

  4. ispaniola

    Very disappointed in this program.
    Not planning to buy this if the functionality/customization is o extremely limited

    You cant use flash (.swf) for banners
    You cant customize many many design elements (many options are not available with every object/layout or arent possible at all)…this is not worth the money for now.

    Just find a template from the internet and use that, it will probably fit your needs way better..

  5. ispaniola


    Can I use a swf file as banner that fits perfectly

    Can the desgins be used with different monitor configurations?? (let’s say, the relative sizes of the text and banners remain the same, but the whole site scales to the user’s screen size…)

  6. giorgio79

    I just found this site where you can find a review on Artisteer plus download it reviewcritical(DOT)com/reviews/artisteer

  7. ArtisteerHelp

    In version 2.1 they added several new user areas as well to increase the functionality of Joomla and Drupal templates.

  8. ArtisteerHelp

    Do to the popularity of the old office products, many programs copied and still do copy the general look and feel of the menus. It allowed users of various programs to feel “at home” when navigating the working environment. I believe that the Artisteer developers are no different and must have had that in mind when putting this program together. Thank you for the comment.

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