Aptana Studio Web Development IDE

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24 thoughts on “Aptana Studio Web Development IDE

  1. wrestler50000

    Part 2 —
    I am sure Aptana has improved heavily since this video was uploaded. I just find it funny how powerful Applications like Aptana are just as good (if not better) than those that come with a price tag (ie Visual Studio)

    Still, I do certainly recommend Aptana, especially if your use to using something like Visual Studio. PHP and JavaScript in Aptana is really cool, imo.

  2. wrestler50000

    To be honest, Im just as happy to use a plain text editor when building web sites. However, this text editor can also include the powerful EMACS from time to time.

    At work, Its all about Visual Studio which is a great package, but I actually use Aptana when doing JavaScript (which I do a lot of) because it has better tools. Overall, Aptana is a very good package, and occasionally use it in my own time. Works just as good on Windows (at work) as it does on Linux (my home computers).

  3. web77s

    Text editor – UltraEdit – for the basic starter page layout. Same for the css, next. Same for scripts, and XSLT. Then I resort to an Access database to compile and link. First I generate XML for a hard-coded page. The XSLT and add-ons then create the final web page. FTP it goes. Each page’s XML is created for one of a set of specific XSLT. So the db duplicates original info into a specific page hierarchy, w compile flags, and then db forms allow further layout modification, for a specific page.

  4. bng44270

    Follow up to last comment:

    There’s also a GUI designer (for those like me with no design ability whatsoever: Artisteer. It’s a hefty $15, but it is truely a web design tool for non-design people. You can export in HTML/CSS/JS and a variety of CMS template format. I exported my design in HTML and modified the source with Aptana changing it into a nice AJAX/PHP website.

    That’s at my job. I hope to buy Artisteer for myself soon, but Aptana is GREAT!!!!! Two Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!!

  5. bng44270

    Here’s a follow up on Aptana. I’m not sure what it was like back in 2007, but its pretty good now (at least on Windows). Mac is pretty slow, such that I’ve not used it on my Mac. Linux I couldn’t get installed and running. Some additions, it has PHP, AJAX, Python, and Ruby support.

  6. rootadminlion21

    aptana is the only one complte solution for webdev ,since you cant code php in dreamweaver,javascript in nusphere , css in zend studio but all this can be done in aptana ,it got more plugin then any other IDE in the world (coz based on Eclipse).

  7. laxbillion89

    java is not exactly slow as you say… java is fast.. you would experience slowness only at startup. After tat.. you will get normal performance as any other native app..

    but i hated you all through this video for speaking bad about java ! i am sorry i hate you !

  8. jdnavarro

    This Dudes hilarious. I watched this whole video while I’m updating aptana.

    Yes, It’s hella slow starting.

    BTW, I use aptana for the library and sample templates, then do the rest in notepad or dreamweaver. It’s just easier just to right-click and open with notepad.

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