Announcing the winners of the December 2012 Dev Derby!

Last month, some of the most creative web developers out there showed us what they could do with Offline web technologies in the December Dev Derby contest. After looking through the entries, our three judges–Dave Rupert, Eric Shepherd and (filling in for Christian Heilmann this month) yours truly–decided on three winners and two runners-up.

Not a contestant? There are other reasons to be excited. Most importantly, all of these demos are completely open-source, making them wonderful lessons in the exciting things you can do with the offline Web today.

Dev Derby

The Results



This was a very exciting contest with some really exceptional results to show for it. Through their incredible work, these contestants have shown the world that we do not need to struggle with poor internet connections at conferences, desperately search for an open network just to work with others, or consume costly data just to play a web-enabled game.

Thanks to these contestants and to everyone else who competed for making the Web a better place.

Want to get a head start on an upcoming Derby? We are now accepting demos related to Drag and Drop (January) and multi-touch (February) and mobile in general (March). Head over to the Dev Derby to get started.

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