Announcing the December Dev Derby Winners

IndexedDB lets web applications store structured data for fast online and offline use. Data can be stored using key-value pairs, and values do not need to be serialized (as they do with document-oriented databases) or coerced into a relational structure (as with relational databases).

Recently, creative developers from around the world demonstrated just how powerful IndexedDB can be in the December Dev Derby. Please join us in congratulating the top three demos as chosen by our judges.

1st Place: eLibri by mar.castelluccio
2nd Place: FileSystemDB by mar.castelluccio
3rd Place: IndexedDB Editor by twolfson

Runners up:
Vurkout Buddy by wcheung
Locate It IndexedDB by nestoralvaro

Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who submitted to the December Dev Derby.

Do you want to see your name here next month? We are now accepting demos related to Touch Events (February), CSS 3D Transforms (March), and HTML5 audio (April). Get an early start by submitting today!

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