Announcing Firefox Aurora 10

We’re happy to announce the availability of Aurora 10 (Download and Test Aurora 10 HERE ).

In additional to the normal improvements that you’ve come to expect like, performance, security and bug fixes, Aurora 10 focuses in HTML5 enhancements.

New additions include thinks like :

  • HTML5 Visibility API (

  • createProcessingInstruction (

  • WebGL antialiasing

  • 3D Transforms

  • Visibility API

  • Document.mozFullScreenEnabled

And Developer Tool !

Aurora 10 also implements incremental enhancements like IndexedDB setVersion API changes. Ongoing detailed attention to evolving specifications help to keep Firefox at the font of the Web revolution. (Read more about IndexedDB at )


  • We now fire “load” event on stylesheet linking when the sheet load finishes or “error” if the load fails

  • We Turn the POSTDATA prompt into an information page (when navigating in session history)

  • We only forward event attributes on body/frameset to the window if we also forward the corresponding on* property

  • We no longer allow more than one call to when we allow popups

  • We fixed success callback never fires when a position update is triggered after getCurrentPosition()

  • We removed replaceWholeText()

  • We fixed createPattern(zero-size canvas) error

  • We now handle putImageData(nonfinite) correctly

  • We now throw INVALID_STATE_ERR when dispatching uninitialized events

  • We’ve made Document.documentURI readonly

  • We fixed document.importNode to comply with optional argument omitted


  •  We now allow data urls

  • We implemented event.stopImmediatePropagation in workers

  • We made XHR2 response/responseType work in Web Workers


  • We implement WebGL OES_standard_derivatives extension

  • We implement minimal-capabilities WebGL mode


  • The function caller property no longer skips over eval frames

  • We fixed E4X syntax so that it is not accepted
    in ES5 strict mode

  • weakmap.set no longer returns itself instead
    of undefined

  • We implemented the battery API


  • IndexedDB Enhancements

    • WIndexedDB setVersion API changes

    • IndexedDB: Support IDBObjectStore/IDBIndex.count

    • IndexedDB: various methods should accept both keys and KeyRanges

    • IndexedDB: Support IDBCursor.advance

    • IndexedDB: Implement deleteDatabase

    • IndexedDB: objectStoreNames should not be updated on closed databases when another connection adds/removes object

    • IndexedDB: IDBObjectStore.delete and
      IDBCursor.delete should return undefined

    • IndexedDB: Don’t throw if there are
      unknown properties in the options objects to

    • IndexedDB: Set the errorCode to “ABORT_ERR” for *all* pending requests when IDBTransaction.abort() is called

    • IndexedDB: fix sort order for indexes


  • We have updated the current rule for handling malformed media queries

  • We now support HTML5 bdi element and CSS property unicode-bidi: isolate

  • The CSS3 implementation now supports unicode-bidi: plaintext


  • We wmplement Document.mozFullScreenEnabled

  • We enabled DOM full-screen API on desktop Firefox by default

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