Alfa Romeo 8C Spider driven by

25 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo 8C Spider driven by

  1. hellomellop

    The only chance to get Dream spider from Alfa for those people those who haven’t got chance to buyed NEW “Alfa Giulia Spider” convertiable in those times.

    The best from italy.

  2. Zarnafan

    Man I would kill to buy one! Arrgh we have two at the alfa showroom here hopefully one would make it’s way to my garage. Sigh

  3. soniq71

    Most of the time these people report on exotic weapons that have had millions of dollars and thousands of hours spent on them to come up with a package that matches the price tag. Please just show us what the car can really do guys, the arse out action can be entertaining but its mostly irritating and fucking pointless!

    and the car…………sexy

  4. soniq71

    While entertaining at times, is it necessary for all Brit TV journalists to throw cars sideways under power to show how the rear end kicks out? They can purchase a $500 shit box out of the Saturday newspaper that will do the same thing.

  5. kevin52495kc

    Why not make more? Alfa should stop fussing around and just get into the supercar business make about 400 every year. If I had the money I woud drive it as an everyday car to the shop and everywhere so alfa make make more 8c or other supercars in the future!

  6. jollojol

    Are you a fucking moron? they make a limited amount of cars to give it more prestige and exlusivity and because not many ppl can afford or is willing to spend over 200k for a car…

  7. modomodo4891

    the capitalists have even turned cars into investments, which is why they say they’ll make only 100,200…500 cars..its so that even if the cars theoretically depreciate, when sold, practically…they end up getting a huge margin on such cars. i’m not a commie though. i just hate such an attitude where they say they ‘ll make only make a limited number of this and that.

  8. TheGeorgeyboy99

    billjesusgates y would u buy a great car then just worry about depreciation enjoy the car instead of worrying all your life, cos life is too short to be worrying about deprectiation!

  9. Guid0o7

    The Alfa has a legendary name and will appreciate in value, where the 458 will depreciate and probably be just another Ferrari as soon as they launch the next mid engined V8 Ferrari. as the 360 was when they produced the F430. the Alfa 8c will always have its place as a hero model.

  10. AORCrazy

    Hahaha don’t make me laugh, by which specs is your car better, maybe by Trabant specs, it’s like comparing ferrari and golf diesel, what an ignorant.

  11. billjesusgates

    i drive a saturn. it costed me $ 900. it has 200,000 miles on it…. and my saturn is better than this alfa. deal with it.

  12. AORCrazy

    Heheh, all of you bellow stupid ignorant german loving bmw and VW posers. You wouldn’t recognize a good car even if it came from VW or BMW factories. Shame…

  13. ooms2

    ofcourse you won’t douchebag! there’s only been made 500 coupes and 500 spyders, they’re just going to be more and more expensive

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