Akira The Don interview – UK hip hop / Grime / Rap

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10 thoughts on “Akira The Don interview – UK hip hop / Grime / Rap

  1. toweronepower

    @liamhunt87 Adam Narkiewicz is his name. He has never tried to hide it you loser. Posh? you are a true philistine.

  2. liamhunt87

    Fake Head, over oppinionated he/she posh wanker ”hip-hop” handed to him on a plastic plate, dont like the guy or his style. Adam Anonymous the Wizard from Warcraft haha well said. He run his gums on Chester P hidden behind his ‘anonymously’ closed doors. Support True Artists….Dont Support This Guy.

  3. txzen89

    one of the major problems is that “religion died over here and wasn’t replaced by anything useful, so yea, if you completely remove religion and don’t put anything useful in it’s place all u just got basically a bunch of Fucking pissed off kids running around with shanks and ..stabbing old ladies” true but the blunt honesty and layman’s terms are why he’s awesome, lolz keep it up man

  4. GraphicPackagingVids

    Man, i can’t thank you Enough! this guy is my new fave Artist.(And he’s gonna be for a while!) once i get a form of pay im gonna buy all his CD’s. UK Style 4 Life!

  5. yorkandpomona

    bloody revolution….everyones having sex…not just against one but everyone….i lvoe the thougths and everything he says in this…he has so much great stuff up in his pretty lil head

  6. thecrazyvinnyshow

    wow, this is the first interview of akira the don i ever seen, i think the only one. thank you for uploading this.

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