AJAX with jQuery: The Beginning

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25 thoughts on “AJAX with jQuery: The Beginning

  1. harisri786

    Hey Shawn, the video was quite good. But it would be better if you don’t use the colored background as I had to really struggle to see the code clearly.

  2. chronocream

    Excellent. Wasn’t aware of the load method and its versatility. Hope to see more.

    P.S. Even with my volume all the way up, I could still barely hear you.

  3. ShawnMcCool

    Yea, I noticed that after I played the video back for the first time. I decided not to rerecord the entire video as it’s hard enough to find time to make these.

  4. codeCola196

    great tutorial – if you want original quality, dont use the default settings in camtasia, do custom settings and export as .avi

  5. ShawnMcCool

    If you’re using firefox you can download the “firebug” plugin. Load your page up, click the bug icon in the lower right, then go to the “console” sub section. Hit reload. You should see the ajax request pop up in the console. Click the plus sign to the left of the request and you’ll be able to see the request and the response. That may help you. It’ll also show any Javascript errors that you have.

  6. damastermind19

    well it didnt worked for me, I copied everything he did on the screen and it didnt work with showing the list on a webpage. But the button was there. no clue what went wrong but I did exsactly what he does on his tutorial.

  7. ShawnMcCool

    The vimeo version is much easier to read. The primary issue being that youtube — for some reason — compresses my videos terribly.

  8. rodneykm

    Excellent tutorial. The only suggestion I’d throw your way is to change the coding screen from black to white. It’s somewhat tough to read. Great job in any case.

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