AJAX Tutorial 1 – Introduction

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23 thoughts on “AJAX Tutorial 1 – Introduction

  1. Cinderellasdrunk

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  2. EasternMerchant

    this guy almost sounds like that pakistani teacher that puts all of the high school and college courses online I think his name is Salman Khan

  3. englkv

    4. the same shit happens with the add/commercials you see on every page, they are based on what you are searching. that means someone is watching you. that means you are being watched. Ive been forced to link my gmail account with the youtube account. I did NOT want that … but I was forced by lieing.

  4. englkv

    3. Remember, there are 3 major hard drivers in this world that are recording every button typed on every keyboard. There are 3 major Nodes thru with data is passing. 1 hdd is in Australia, one in North America and one in Turkey. No wonder why the whole middle east is out of internet sometimes, the whole middle east countries depend on Turkey network node. END THE FED !

  5. englkv

    2. if there is no software linked with my AJ search, it will show me what ever my searches were after web design software, lets say games. it will show me games that has AJ in their name. the terms webdesign and games are just examples. and that is because you are 0, nobody, a person who nobody gives a shit about you, you are useless, you are part of the mass population. The Mass Population is seen by the corporate and bankers (who rules the world) as 1 person.

  6. englkv

    1. First I would like to write a command to get rid of those who dont know what Im talking about so here it is: ” sudo apt-get -f uninstall n00bs!!!! “. sux. and I tell you why. i spend a lot of time online and I noticed that if in 1 week of searches on google, 80% of my searches are about web design software, after a week when I type “AJ” in google search box I will get top search results for any software about webdesign that starts with AJ.

  7. tuleo554

    facebook employs Ajax techniques pretty heavily yes, but you must be aware that Ajax is not a language though it is very important


  8. omerfarooq123

    well nice.. i also find AJAX video tutorials at freeajaxlearning.blogspot. com
    Hope will help you more.

  9. crashuniverse

    Caz. Viewers should not even bother what is Ajax. It’s for deelopers to know. You really don’t care what rubber our car Tyrese are made o isn’t it?

  10. cazthegamer

    and just how do you think google made it work? They needed to use ajax to create it for you to be able to view it like that in your browser. This video is for people who want to create websites, not view them.

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