Adobe Photoshop Website Design Tutorial (Medium Difficulty)

22 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Website Design Tutorial (Medium Difficulty)

  1. AshleyKasmarek

    These video tutorials will teach you all the secret photoshop tips and tricks that will make you a pro –

  2. Yhanimov

    To make everything easier you can just hire a web design company to build and manage the website for you, I used these guys 24/7 NY Web Design they’re quick, cheap and reliable. Their number is 718-233-3120, glad I can help 🙂 Goodluck to all!

  3. LiTh07

    This is an awful way to make a website. You DONT want to be messing with layout tables these days, you will never get your site to look right on different browsers. Learn CSS!

  4. pwettysouchess

    thanks for your quick response. please i was also wondering how to let people add videos and place advert on a website using photoshop as well as sign up for your webpage.

  5. redalf

    @pwettysouchess it’s at crop. right click at your crop button. you will see more options; the splice tools…

  6. pwettysouchess

    thanks 4 the videos… i dont seem to have a splice tool on my trial adobe photoshop cs5.please can u recommend a solution?thanks

  7. peteypablo314

    I’m not gay but if I ever ran into you, man I’d kiss you.. You, sir, have made my life exponentially easier and have shown me the process of creating a website in less than 10 minutes. I’ve been watching tutorials and fooling around with Photoshop, etc for months now and because of you I now understand how a website is made and more importantly I can do it now, on my own and finally get some dreams and goals of mine going.. You are a god-send, thank you so very much sir I’d love to see some mor

  8. FireDuckful

    @ZitrokLaus Get a 1024px width, make some rulers at 28 px (left and right), and work between that. 960 px grid is standard. 🙂

  9. ZitrokLaus

    width normally is 1005px 😉 cause with an 17″ monitor (1024x768pixels) the page would fill the complete width of the monitor. the 19px-gap come with the scrolldownbar from the browser 😉

  10. zacksloth

    wow this is the first tutorial where i felt “dizzy”… dude zoomed in too much and moves around too much :s

  11. FractalFragger1234

    i just have to say please dont quit your day job and if your day job is web design then quit!!!

  12. zaxwop

    this is the absolutely wrong way to make a website. if you want to do it the right way, go to

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