A Website Designer Meets Clueless Client

24 thoughts on “A Website Designer Meets Clueless Client

  1. SLYGUY19440

    Oh shit. I have been looking in to building a website myself. I am so glad that I saw this video. I don’t want to be this idiot! I understand the part where he says everything is easy but than asks for the world. I feel your pain. I need to learn more.

  2. facciaditosta

    EXCELLENT SCRIPT FOR THIS VIDEO, one small correction, leave out the sucking his dick clip and just leave the turn around and over, out of gratitude and you dont need the dress either. How true the requests are, its like everyone wants a home in the country, two cars in the garage, a big pool, near the ocean, friends, health and lots of money but forget working for anything

  3. bajaglavni

    so fuckn real… im sick of those folks who sayin “EVERYTHING IS EASY; N no lot of job to do” uck them all, kill them, then kill them again :p gimme that free shoutgun

  4. PetStarlings

    If this wasn’t so verbal I’d share it on FB, absoutly brilliant my hubby had a very similar conversation with a client recently

  5. beerdieplayer

    Brilliant! However, you’re responsible for Mt. Dew coming out my nose. Well done on all these videos. Every potential design client should have to watch all of these.

  6. TheJakeJohnston

    LOL… The final… “I need a website… can you help me?” should have been answered with… NO… lol…

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