A Quick Overview of the Awesome LESS.js

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11 thoughts on “A Quick Overview of the Awesome LESS.js

  1. akhlaq87

    hey Jeffrey your tuts are always really sooooo amazing!!
    Have never saw this before. it’s not bad, css is with this technique – like a programming language!!

  2. imfrommanndame

    During the time I was learning the basics of CSS, I thought you could inherit references like here. This is so awsome.

  3. vineefarm

    nice, i hope to see some secret css stuff. or css that most beginner or intermediate users dont know or doesn’t know how to use properly. that would be an awesome screen cast. like just now i dont really get the idea of inherit.

  4. AndresRendonH

    You’re the man, i bought the two books! and subscribes to youtube an itunes podcast! i believe you’re the best!

  5. Retnuh1974

    This is great. I have always thought that you should be able to use variables within CSS to make it faster to work with.

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