A Little Help From My Friends

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25 thoughts on “A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Enuf3

    If I listened to my grandparents and their supposed knowledge on life, I wouldnt be wearing this coat.. or have this haircut.. or have a bf even.. and I’d be sitin in a chair eatin little debbies watching every CSI in existence.

  2. KevinNat

    I believe the most intriguing part of this video was watching the cars in your window. Like, at one point a car drove up into a parking spot or something. And then in the next frame the light were off. I roffled. But yeah, good luck with that web designing stuff. Fun fun fun.

  3. rockinhorse123

    Haha, it’s weird seeing you without the green hoodie on but it doesn’t look bad like you say it is in the blogs.

  4. colormekristen

    Jared you are going to be famous!! lol, Make sure to mention me when your at the top.

    I am now subbed to your friends. woot.

  5. ryansmith83

    Bah, your website isn’t loading for me right now. It worked yesterday at my house. Stupid DNS servers and their fickle propagation. A comedienne’s website, eh? Now I’m intrigued.

  6. deepwoodguy

    AMEN on the grandparents…..what floor are you on?? the cars outside your window really look tiny….ever see “Famous like Me” blog??he is from Boise and has ‘mugshot mondays’ segment..usually cute guys that have been arrested the past week in Boise!!going to your blog now!!!!!!!

  7. seanrockstar

    ouch 30 seconds for old people…burn. I dont give a fu* about your page, yeah 🙂
    Who’s this Kyle? i like that intro.. give me the link >.> wait just gimi both of them.
    Oh and part of your website is stuffed.. when you click on “whateva” it stuffs up 😮

    KEepe it real

  8. kipesquire

    The “whatevs” page seems to be down.

    My maternal grandfather died when my mother was an infant. So not only did I never know him, but my mother couldn’t even tell me any first-hand stories about him. =/

  9. aussielexi

    lmao “what are you looking at”
    love it. :p

    checked out your website, the scanned crumpled piece of paper looks sweet.
    and oh my god. jared without a hood. i didn’t have my umbrella ready! damn it.


  10. gr8dane6

    plus i’d be dumb to pit a 4-door I-4 with 145bhp against a 2-door B-6 with 230bhp and expect to sound serious. Epic lulz in teh comparo of torque too =P


  11. gr8dane6

    hahaha i know i was just being ridiculous =] of course a boxer-6 is going to have the big ADV against a 4-pot. But the upper range of any Honda motor of any size is the stuff of legend, (Acura pun intended) and I knew you would have a witty comeback as such! So let’s not be throwing any more confusion carrots into the salad of auto-life, the dressing is fine enough haha

  12. PickThisCar

    yeah, well, I get a little high-range punch that feels like more than 145 hp. sort of. haha, yeah, your car against a 4th gen accord…or a 5th gen 4-cylinder, for that matter, not much of a battle, I must admit. I’m glad you like the homepage, Dane!

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