30DC Day 13 – WordPress

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13 thoughts on “30DC Day 13 – WordPress

  1. MoeBedard

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  2. lintlin

    Michelle, I really appreciate your “to the point” videos. Short, sweet, to the point. If I missed something or something went too fast–I know where the rewind button is! Great job!

  3. mrgoldfinder23

    That is totally unreal. I’m following you word for word here a nd as I was listening to you choosing a new theme, I was on WordPress looking through the themes.when I click back to you we both chose the same new theme, thought I was seeing mine up there on the video. cool!

  4. tpearl33

    Thanks Michelle!

    One small note, its very hard to hear you. I think your mic needs to be turned up just a smidgen.

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