2012 exposed by Rik Clay RIP Banned and Reposted 9

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24 thoughts on “2012 exposed by Rik Clay RIP Banned and Reposted 9


    I watched 1-9 but am still a bit confused if anyone would be kind enough to feed me the knowledge of what this all meant in short i would be very greatful

  2. spellbinder00

    Movies are used to tell us their plans(New World Order) It clears their Conscious of the evils they are creating and also they play out the Scenarios so they feel better pulling them off. These are the things they do to set up the conscious wave? to make it happen. We watch and our? minds create it for them. Simple Magick as Crowley would say. Glad I studied Occultism so not to be Fooled by these dark magi’s. They use our energies to fuel their Magick and cast their Spells. We are their Dupes.

  3. supersirup

    I can’t find the video released by the 2012 committee of the different construction phases.. can anyone link me up with that..?

  4. FoziaAbdi

    LOl illuminati lies, satan lies to you, Didn’t satan turn into the form of a snake while tempting adam and eve? I guess jinns.demons like reptiles, now the illuminati wants you to believe that aliens from outerspace are running the show and there’s no god, but it’s the otehr way around, satan is tricking you and there is a god. Why would they be defacing god anyways then? And worshipping satan?

  5. vasilisakisa

    natural disasters….haiti…..italy……oil leaks…volcano in iceland….the biggest hazards in history wudnnt u think

  6. lkquad10

    the planets lineup in 2012 however this has happen before. In the bible when they blew the horns and the walls of Jericho came down it was night for a day. Then the sun rose again. See. Nothing will happen. Just night for a day. Unless you are on the side that is day for a night. 🙂

  7. FreestyleBoy2010

    ok so david icke states human dna will be upgrade in 2012… so who or what will be be like and look like? and what will life be like? are we going to life a different life style? and are we all coming forth to the truth finally about life and who we are?

  8. IamRay71

    The movie is a load of crap! Doomsday for some, heaven for others! Project LOVE! Tell others to not be afraid, the corn holes that have been in control for many years are so terrified that when we all wake up, we will CHOOSE to kick them to the curb and create a beautiful reality that does not include WORSHIP of false IDOLS and physical pleasures. We are SPIRITUAL BEINGS HOLDING ALL POWER…Remember, THEY FEAR YOU, and they should! We are what we do to each other! PROJECT LOVE, never fear!

  9. krupkee

    i just watched every single episode of this series and its just almost uncomprehendable for the mind. Its almost as if its too much information for one person to even be exposed to.
    It definately seems suspicious for such a bright young chap to suddenly past away.
    R.I.P Rik Clay

  10. Yanco888

    Hi, I live in the UK and it was common knowleadge in a lot of church’s here years ago, that Prince Charles is very involved in the ocult, hence, the queen has not handed power over to him. Also there are things to do with the Colours Red & Blue, ment to be royal or blood line, you can see the same colours in old pictures of Jesus. However, again hijaked.

  11. kaewkaew

    they will have to come get me because for some reason i was one of my only peers who hated the matrix and couldnt sit through 5 minutes of keanau reeves shitty acting, so i am glad i didnt sit through that programming session.

  12. TheWillwillwill

    I would not blame everything on the Freemanson. There is good and bad in all organization.

  13. 86freemind

    2012 will happen if the mayan calander is correct we dont know what will happen but the masonic world we are all living in has hijacked it for there own purpose

  14. AndrejGregus

    reiki uses white light…to strong energy which can cause damage…heard this from 2 clairvoyants…he said he practiced it…. project blue beam is allegedly around the corner…check out: ex pan sions com

  15. masonfreeparty

    oh right so he was trying to divert people away from saturn symbolism buy suggesting sun symbolism? No Rik was doing very good research but if he’d linked the saturn stuff as well then it would have been awesome..saturn worship is everywhere,even the BBC have admitted to using saturn symbology for their News logo

  16. eternal3rd

    Because he was a satanist, its the same old new age bullshit coming out of his mouth. I’ve been reading way to much into it for years.

  17. eternal3rd

    This guy was definately a satanist. Prince william was the 999’th member of knights he mentioned… then he goes on to say that they made him the 1000’th member. This guy totally knows that 666 and 999 are the same thing and I think he intentionally doesn’t even mention it. If he was sacrificed it was because he renounced his ways and took Yahweh as his lord and savior. God rest his soul.

  18. masonfreeparty

    you can get his dvd on ebay…remember rik’s ashes were spread across ilkley moor on 9/11 2008 around the swastika stones..a sun symbol site….bizarre or what?

  19. AlexFate101

    Great chat by Rik – especially bearing in mind when it was done and the recent events in Haiti and Tibet…. Thanks for posting.

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