2012 exposed by Rik Clay RIP Banned and Reposted 8

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19 thoughts on “2012 exposed by Rik Clay RIP Banned and Reposted 8

  1. earinsound

    paranoia never felt so good. immanentize the eschaton! it is very seductive to believe that our world is being controlled by shrouded individuals bent on enslaving us all, seeing symbols of the “illuminati” everywhere. guess what? the world isn’t being controlled by anyone at all. 2012 will be another year: no disaster. the world won’t come to an end. revolutionary consciousness change? i wish.

  2. spellbinder00

    Movies are used to tell us their plans(New World Order) It clears their Conscious of the evils they are creating and also they play out the Scenarios so they feel better pulling them off. These are the thing they do to set up the conscious wave to make it happen. We watch and our minds create it for them. Simple Magick as Crowley would say. Glad I studied Occultism so not to be Fooled by these dark magi’s.

  3. lowones666

    Look at the station he on Red Ice do some research on there other new world guests like Icke, Jones, and Michael Tsarion all shills UFO disinfo gods Nigel Kerner, Steven Greer also appear on there think this is a dangerous game you have walked into think about Ric where did he come from and go? murdered? suidcide I doubt either to be honest this man is fake as the rest of them dont be fooled by the puppy polite accent.

  4. InuitAldebaran

    – Thanks for breaking a lance for gnostics!
    – Short. from Robert Anton Wilson’s “Cosmic Trigger”:
    Man dies. Meets angel of light who says: “Before you can enter heaven, proof that you are worthy!”
    Man answers:”First proof to me that this is a REAL heaven and not just an illusion of my confused, truth seeking mind!”
    Before angel can answer, voices are heard from the inside: “Let him in, he’s one of us!”
    – 2012 may be the end for you. But not for me. Maybe!

  5. beelzebubbleboy

    @CONSTRINGACY Albert Einstein couldnt SPEAK AT ALL till the age of 9, and has had trouble conversating throughout his entire life…, WHAT AN IDIOT xD

  6. FreestyleBoy2010

    I hope to be a famous dancer soon. because when I close my eyes and when im listening to music my body shakes

  7. masonfreeparty

    you can get his dvd on ebay…remember rik’s ashes were spread across ilkley moor on 9/11 2008 around the swastika stones..a sun symbol site….bizarre? or what? 12

  8. childofthetao

    Does anyone know the name of the video shown at 5:50 ish with Terrence Mckenna so I can listen to all of what he says?

  9. SW111SA

    Sometimes the happiest end up not the way we thought they would. I could be wrong on this one, but would not be surprised.

    God help us, in these days

  10. iam4akhir

    in Islam there is no symbol,,,
    The symbol of moon and star are injections by the very people who we r talking about right here and r sadly accepted by some ignorant muslims arround the world, usually people who are muslims only by names and do noy=thing to live islam….

  11. masonfreeparty

    rik’s stuff is getting out bigtime..the masonic mafia reckon they can stop it by murder..how deluded they are…bring it on you whores of jahbulon

  12. GanjaStuPipesUp

    I simply cannot believe Rik ended his own life. I don’t know much about suicide – the people who know it best aren’t here to say anything – but he DID sound upbeat & happy when he did his interview.

    I only heard about this guy for the first time today & something just doesn’t feel right about this “suicide” story. I don’t know what happened, maybe no one ever will, but as with most “official” versions of events, this one smells bad.

    A great loss to us all.


    Rest in peace young Mr Clay

    you were class and a visionary

    I am devastated that you are not with us

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