2012 exposed by Rik Clay RIP Banned and Reposted 4

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22 thoughts on “2012 exposed by Rik Clay RIP Banned and Reposted 4

  1. MrAubery

    @DJCW not sure but I’ve heard that the statue of liberty as well as the girl with the torch is that appears as Columbia Pictures logo, is the godess Diana of the bible.

  2. blite13

    the gullible masses are those who:
    – believe the media

    -believe anything that politicians tell us

    – believe that the government isn’t capable of horrible acts

    – the cia is a good organization fighting for the avg american

    – believe that there is not a problem with dual citizenship in the pentagon and white house staff and fed reserve staff.

    – believe that afghanistan is a war on terror

    – believe the fed res is government org.
    – believe that congress is working for the people

  3. blite13

    And you think it’s all just coincidence? Come on, your mind control is showing. You better believe that at least half of this shit is true. You are the reason why this continues to happen to the masses, you can’t break the programming. Dig deep, look for truth, TURN OFF YOUR FREAKIN TV.

  4. beatcat22

    You sounded like you have a mouthful of marbles, and had no idea of what you were going to say until it came out of your mouth. Learn something from royalty: Learn to speak CLEARLY, BRIEFLY and to the POINT!

  5. DementedWorkshop

    David Icke is one of many illuminati familiars, a bringer of disinformation, and this guy is a fucking sheep, follower of the familiars, bringer of bull shit 😀

  6. DJCW

    actually its not a Goddess Columbia. Columbia is in reference to the Knights of Columbus in honour of Christopher Columbus.

    Isis is the true representation of the “statue of liberty” designed by two french freemasons, Auguste Bartholdin & Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (tower).

  7. red44ever

    this guy is high on drugs there is no way in hell we muslims will accept christian doctrins. he is paranoid and thinks everything is a conspiracy his death is not in vain.

  8. WTU208

    the statue of liberty is the goddess Columbia not Isis, that is why she is on the Columbia pictures intro at the movies.

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