2012 exposed by Rik Clay RIP Banned and Reposted 1

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24 thoughts on “2012 exposed by Rik Clay RIP Banned and Reposted 1

  1. lowones666

    Look at the station he on Red Ice do some research on there other new world guests like Icke, Jones, and Michael Tsarion all shills UFO disinfo gods Nigel Kerner, Steven Greer also appear on there think this is a dangerous game you have walked into think about Ric where did he come from and go? murdered? suidcide I doubt either to be honest this man is fake as the rest of them dont be fooled by the puppy polite accent.

  2. slavetotheblues

    I enjoy listening to Rik’s theories and for the most part, that’s all they are.
    Not saying he is wrong but, we need proof. Without proof people will not rise up and take back their lives.
    As far as hidden symbols go, one can turn almost any symbol or word into a hidden message if one does not work and has enough time to play around.
    The triangle/pyramid in itself does not make it NWO. It’s can be purely a design element as it offers balance and foundation to art.

  3. ExoticGawdess

    The Testament’s book of Daniel (written by Jew bankers) exposes their DREAM of a one world government (aka New World Order) which is their “vision” of controlling the world by controlling all of the money in the world.

    Illuminati, Masons et all serve Lucifer. They agree to racketeer, to harm others so the Jew bankers can rule the world & brutalize anyone for fun. Jew bankers plan to pit masonic lodges against each other the way they do false flag attacks to pit nations against each other.

  4. ExoticGawdess

    At 9:22, the symbolism means that Masons rule over citizens. The elites and ruling class are represented by the capstone floating above the pyramid. The lower pyramid represents citizens, cubical workers (like those murdered on 9/11 in the arms of the Jew monster Molech’s arms) who are considered to be the infrastructure of society.

    The masons are considered elites, untouchable leeches & are rewarded for doing evil (robbing, stealing identities, killing) to those in the infrastructure.

  5. ExoticGawdess

    The lion holding the shield has one foot hovering over a flower. That flower symbolizes the flower of life. The lion/Israel is threatening to crush/annihilate the flower of life.

    Wrapping around the shield is a blue belt with a blue ribbon underscoring it. The color is blue because it’s the color of Israel’s flag and the U.N. flag. The U.N. was formed by Jews after the Jew lobby group called AIPAC forced the USA and other nations into WW2 to bring about a global blood sacrifice to Elijah.

  6. ExoticGawdess

    At 8:22 on the coat of arms of the British Government is the Jew’s harp. The program HAARP is actually a brainwashing, mind-control method where ideas are harped on in order to make citizens believe things that are not true. For example: “change.” After Obama was made president on a campaign for “change, American citizens only got more of the same (banking fraud & illegal wars that they are forced to pay for). The HAARP program is controlled by Illuminati Jews.

    The lion also refers to Israel.

  7. ExoticGawdess

    Big Brother is the all-seeing eye. The all-seeing eye is the Illuminati eye. The Illuminati leaders are the Jew central bankers. They are the shadow governments of nations.

    Perhaps New Jerusalem is Fleet Street in London where the banking center sits above the law, above outside influence and control, callously ignoring needs of citizens, selfishly controlling government as a way to work against all citizens.

    The symbolism of the 2012 Olympics might refer to annihilation of London.

  8. ExoticGawdess

    The Testaments are the exposed plans of the Jew bankers. The Jew bankers already control the world because they control all central banks. Revelations states that Lucifer will control all banks from Israel. But, Luciferians do control the banks NOW. The Illuminati worship Lucifer. This means that the elite ruling class looks at Scripture as though they’ve already won the Armageddon. Now, they are just reigning freely and massacring people as blood sacrifice, primarily to steal wealth as leeches.

  9. ExoticGawdess

    The Scriptures were written by Jew bankers who formed the Illuminati. Illuminati do the work of Lucifer and call themselves fallen angels. Isis is also known as Gabriel, a fallen angel who does evil on earth. Per Revelations, Lucifer reigns for 1,000 years. That’s because Jew bankers bribe & reward their puppets for doing evil. That’s why you see men promoted when they bankrupt their company and 40 million dollar bonuses go to thieves at Exxon. Jew bankers already control all central banks.

  10. ExoticGawdess

    Zion can only be created if the world of people continue to allow religion to be forced on weak, defenseless people. Zion is being formed according to the PLANS written in scripture. The Testaments were written by Jew bankers who formed the Illuminati as a cabal of secret societies that annihilate nations by covet means in order to rob others. The Testaments state that a 1-world cruel government is the DREAM of Jew bankers who will rule the world from New Jerusalem.

  11. ExoticGawdess

    Also at 7:14 George Washington’s hair is cut into an “A” line. This shape refers to the Architect who Jews, Masons & Illuminati call Elijah. In frame 1:22, the architect is holding a compass, designing the Universe from his position in the sky. Elijah is an anthropomorphic version of the sun. The scriptures claim that Elijah, also known as the sun, created the Universe. Jews & Masons are wrong.

    In reality, the Universe created the sun. It’s also normal for new stars & planets to form TOGETHER.

  12. ExoticGawdess

    At 7:14, on the front of the bill is an “I” (eye) enclosed in a circular sun symbol. On the exact opposite side is the word “ONE.”

    Washington (1st pres) is on the front. Directly behind him on the back side is the word “ONE.” Mirror imaging is seen all over in numbers & symbols. The Testament’s book of Numerology is referenced with the mirror imaging of numbers. Masons use the evil testaments of the Babylonian Talmud. The word God refers to the Mason’s god Elijah, master of destruction.

  13. ExoticGawdess

    At 7:14 the dollar bill is seen from the front and from the back.

    The number 1 is everywhere. It’s in the four corners of the front and back sides. It’s at the bottom of the front and back side.

    “One” is also shown in symbolism. The New Testament tells you that you must know the symbols to read the Testaments correctly. Now see this on the dollar: the all-seeing eye above the pyramid means “one.” The Star of David on the right side in the same location means “one.” Washington is 1st president.

  14. ExoticGawdess

    At 7:56 the image shows the stripes of a flag. But if you examine it, there are only 3 black stripes. These 3 black stripes form the letter “E” which refers to Elijah, the Jew’s profit. Illuminati are worshipers of Elijah who is known for annihilating nations.

    Elijah worshippers founded the USA by controlling a cabal of dupes who worked for the central Bank of England which had been taken over by the Jew banker Rothschild. Israel wages war by covet means.

  15. ExoticGawdess

    At 1:20 that is the Jew’s prophet Elijah. He’s also called Elias, Eli and Jehova.

    Freemasons therefor woship the Jew’s Elijah. Elijah survived by ravening other nations. To raven means to annihilate.

  16. psychelatte

    See the other parts of this series..its really spooky that princess Diana’s official perfume was called ISIS, the Egyptian Goddess of fertility. And Diana’s shrine at Harrods…OMG, Egyptian imagery everywhere and a Pyramid symbol under her photo and Dodi’s….

  17. Yoetah

    Hmmm…gotta wonder if JPL’s “shiva project”
    has anything to do w/creating the Blue Star according to HOPI prophecy.

    These fools have hijacked and are attempting to hijack just about everything to serve their own end.
    They’re determined to create a Hollywood rapture.
    “Friendly ‘Death Star’ Laser to Recreate Sun’s Power”

  18. maikakai

    I agree and have similiar beliefs as you ! I am very open minded and feel its good to learn both the ying side and yang to become complete oneness. I still have not been able to visit the akashic earth records but hopefully someday soon i hope to visit the akashic or will they change again on 11-11-11 ???

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