2. Web Skills: Introduction to Web Technologies and HTML 5

16 thoughts on “2. Web Skills: Introduction to Web Technologies and HTML 5

  1. gamersgene

    “if we use this laptop.”
    ” . . its windows”
    “OH GEEZ . . .”
    “we can do it”
    lol, mac-heads.

  2. mxrohrer

    @rax7 because steve jobbs has convinced everyone that white plastic is hipper, more expensive, and more user-friendly than black or gray plastic.
    its a lie.
    plastic is plastic, and therefore steve jobbs is more “the man” and consequently less hip than bill gates

  3. UnowMe00

    @rax7 mac really is more convenient in everyday use than linux or windows. This shows in tiny differences as e.g. text selection functionality, preconfigured ubiquitous interoperability of applications, active screen corners etc…

  4. humexavier

    Understanding how to voice commands in web developing would be nice: so you wouldn’t have to type all the css styles and code just say the properties and text outline by using voice recognition instead of typing all this slows you down in a way. Though intellisence is easier to use in web developer 2010

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