Why Advocate for unifying education for the Web Professional?

Of all of the career industries, the Web profession requires perhaps the greatest cross-disciplinary interaction and development processes requiring the whole brain (left and right) connections. This is due to the combined skills most sought out by employers today because the work in Web profession requires an element of art and design, technology, business and communication, self-management and project management skills. To that end, the membership supported organizations would like to invite you to participate.

Get Involved in Unifying Web Professional Education: We can do this!

Ways to participate:

* Contact us and get involved
* Be active and Join the Association for Web professionals (follow the link for details on cost and benefits)
* Organize a Web professional program at your school or on your campus
* Establish a Student Chapter at your school or college
* Advocate on behalf of Web professional education (see activity and how to participate below)
* Join the organization and demonstrate your support for the Web profession and the School of Web Advocacy Agenda

Since 1997, the membership supported organization has been advocating on behalf of unifying and improving upon Web professional education.


• To advocate on behalf of unifying and improving Web professional education
• To increase awareness of job opportunities within the Web profession
• To support educators and students in the classroom

Summary of Milestones and Key Strategies

• Convening of key stakeholders
• Survey what teachers want and need
• Evaluate and develop an actionable advocacy plan
• Established Web professional education framework
• Assembled educational resources including lesson plans, RSS feeds and curriculum resources
• Developed supporting advocacy initiatives and resources including and including accounts on Facebook
• Encourage Web professional education framework adoption
• Encourage Web professional education to be embedded in education curriculum through the Department of Education, including Early Learning
• Promote digital literacy across all educational sectors
• Support and promote existing Web professional education programs
• Encourage Web professional education pathways and course of studies in schools
• Develop an “Educator Tool-Kit” to include supporting resources such as employment market data, interdisciplinary success stories, professional development and training, curriculum and peer discussion resources and strategies for starting or supporting Web Professional education programs
• Encourage Web professional education electives in schools
• Encourage the development of Web professional Academy and interdisciplinary degree programs
• Encourage the sharing of resources for teachers
• Encourage professional development for teachers
• Encourage articulation and the adoption of 2 + 2 + 2 programs
• Encourage standards and alignment of Web professional education standards for High Schools and college
• Encourage improved communication and collaboration between CIS, Art Departments and Business at Community Colleges and High Schools
• Encourage community and industry partnerships and sponsorships to provide learning opportunities such as materials, job shadow, guest speakers
• Encourage internships, industry panels and local industry and education summits and gatherings
• Encourage mentoring of students and teachers and helping with preparing students for competitions and soft skills
• Encourage business and industry support
• Encourage career exploration at schools

Working With Stakeholders

Web Professional advocates meet with State Schools Chief Jack O’Connell during a sponsored California Capitol visit.

Web Professional and Information Technology (IT) advocates work tirelessly to educate policy decision makers and elected officials about the importance of IT and New Media at the states Capitol in California and throughout the world. Organization leaders encourage key contacts and lawmakers to support critical Web professional education pathways within IT and Career Technical Education (CTE).

Web Professional Awareness and Education

March is Information Technology (IT) and New Media Awareness Month

March marks the month for Information Technology (IT) and New Media Month in California. Both the Assembly and the Senate can introduce California Resolutions supporting IT and New Media Awareness Month and its goals. Making sure your members of the legislature cosponsor this legislation ensures that they are familiar with the IT and New Media community and its needs. Legislative Activities

Over many years, actions on behalf of Web Professionals, principals at organization have included various activities in Sacramento, CA., Washington, D.C and countless cities through the world. We are continually monitoring and participating in areas important to the Web Professional community.

The initiative, for example was established to promote IT and New Media jobs, innovation and productivity announced last week top leadership at the Santa Clara County CA Office of Education, as well as a local Career Technical Education (CTE) teacher and student, were recently honored for their innovation in the classroom and educational CTE program by the California based not-for-profit association for Web professionals and its initiative.

County Superintendent of Schools Charles Weis, Ph.D. was recognized by the initiative established to promote jobs, IT innovation and education excellence for his innovation and vision shown in launching the county’s CTE program in fall 2009. Less than a year after its inception, the program has inspired countless students – including Diane Keng. The student at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, CA and her CTE marketing instructor Carl Schmidt were also honored by the initiative for their information technology innovations.

Andy Vaughan, Director Strategic Programs Monster Public Sector and Education

In the first quarter of 2011, the organization sponsored several high profile IT Innovation Summits to convene hundreds of industry, education and government including policy decision makers to promote Web Standards and Web professional education.

Why is this important?

* To continue with the mission of cultivating innovation and jobs for the Web profession.
* Industry, government and academia, together, can cultivate an environment of innovation and job creation to foster leadership in Information Technology and New Media.
* By educating customers we serve we can ensure the professions overall success.
* Facilitation of communication between business, industry and education professionals advocacy can lead to improvements in compensation and recognition for Web professionals.

* Active involvement by WOW members and individuals like you is needed. Together we make the vision of Web Standards, improvements in education and the quality of services that true Web professionals provide a reality.

2011/2012 Advocacy Plan to Promote Education and Careers

Last month, led the third in a series of IT Innovation Summits in California. Leading Information Technology (IT) organizations, businesses, industry and education professionals came together to collaborate on several initiatives that will help support IT and Web professional education, Web standards and jobs in IT and Mew Media.

IT Innovation Summit

Christy Quinlan, California Technology Agency

The advocacy plan is in response to U.S. government studies predicting a significant shortage of technology and creative professionals in the country within the next three to five years. The organizations 2011/2012 advocacy plan designed to address the talent shortage, the growing skills gap and to answer the questions, “Why Consider a Career in the IT and New Media Profession, why teach Career and Technical Education and Web Standards in the classroom.”

“In order for the U.S. to continue to lead the world in innovation and creativity, we must develop an advanced information technology ecosystem that is able to refresh itself with IT and New Media talent and creative thinkers with the skills that employers need the most” said Bill Cullifer, WOW Executive Director of and chair of the and Why Web Standards initiatives.

Andy Vaughan, Director, Strategic Programs, Monster Public Sector Education supporter of the initiatives said, “I clearly understand and appreciate the efforts to promote Web professional education and Web standards and how it will serve the Web professional community in the long term. We’re happy to support your IT and New Media education pathway efforts through the initiative in collaboration with the California Department of Education. Its important work and we’re happy to play a role.”

Gary Page, California Department of Education (CDE) said, “I’d like to thank the association and the initiative for hosting the IT Innovation Summit Sacramento. The most exciting thing is that the initiative has brought in people of from all different aspects of education and industry and we have found that we have consensus on some key issues. For example, one of the problems is that we’re not talking with each other and that we’re living in silos and we need to break away from that somehow. I think that there is a consensus that we need to get together more and work together.” 2011/2012 Advocacy Plan and initiatives will drive skill development that will support and increase the pipeline for technical and creative workers and those that teach. It also will:

• Convene stakeholders to establish collaboration between business, the Web profession, education and government to develop a clear, concise and consistent communication strategy regarding why innovation, information technology and New Media is good for business, commerce, competitiveness and jobs.

• Develop an effective advocacy plan and implementation strategies that support innovation, New Media and Information Technology adoption and best practices.

• Promote general awareness of Career Technical Education (CTE) and information technology (IT) and New Media through websites, workshops, conferences and award ceremonies.

• Foster relationships and linkages between business and industry, education, career technical student organizations and government agencies to insure a continual pipeline of IT and New Media professionals with skills that aligns to industry demand.

• Promote digital literacy into general education curriculum to equip all graduates with these basic skills.

• Provide online Web professional short courses and educational resources.

• Promote Web design and development contest connecting business and industry with education and students and practicing professionals.

In December 2010, Bill Cullifer, Executive Director for the organization and the initiative was invited to participate in the 21st Annual CALCP/CAROCP CTE Conference in Southern California. In addition to participating as a keynote speaker Cullifer sat in on several sessions and interviewed several of the participants. The benefits of participating in this event included introducing ideas on establishing and strengthening partnerships in California, introducing the and the initiatives to a sizable group of California education stakeholders, Cullifer also has an improved understanding the role of CTE from the perspective of those that participated.

In October 2010, the initiative will host an IT Innovation Summit to focus on Innovation, IT Jobs and Education for California in partnership with DeAnza Community College. The Keynote speaker for the event is Judy Estrin, one of the most respected women within IT and author of “Closing the Innovation Gap” a fitting topic for the times in a college setting in the heart of the Silicon Valley, CA.

In July 22, 2010 WhyITNow co-sponsored
Getting the Gold: California Conference Leads the Way workshop with leading Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO), education professionals and Information Technology representatives gathering together at a roundtable to explore how to improve student outcomes in California. The goal of the event is to explore how to best support students in the classroom and to empower them with leadership and career skills to ensure success in a global economy. The roundtable was held in conjunction with the 2010 Career Technical Student Organization Enrichment Conference taking place in Sacramento, CA on August 2nd-4th, 2010. California’s Career Technical Student Organizations offer services to 2.5 million students and their teachers and administrators interested in learning more about and promoting Career Technical Education (CTE) in California.

Throughout the year the initiative reaches out to interview and survey the IT Industry and its thought leaders to validate its mission and to gauge why innovation and why IT matters to business, industry and our economy. To that end, Bill Cullifer, initiative chair has interviewed a number of notable subject matter experts including Judy Estrin, author of “Closing the Innovation Gap” – “Reigniting the Spark of Creativity in Global Economy” and former Chief Technology Officer for Crisco Systems.

The initiative launched the IT Innovators award to recognize and award leading IT Innovators within industry, education and government that demonstrate continuous improvement, incremental innovation, and transformational innovation.

IT and New Media Roundtable – Orange County
Leading information technology (IT) and education professionals in early 2010 at a public roundtable discussion to explore the challenges facing California’s IT and New Media employment and education sectors. The goal of the roundtable is to determine how best to develop and promote education pathways and job market strategies while supporting beneficial uses of IT, New Media and innovation in California. The roundtable event was held in conjunction with the Educating for Careers conference taking place Orange County, CA February 28 –March 2, 2010. The conference attracted over 2200 high school teachers and administrators interested in learning more about and promoting Career Technical Education (CTE) in California.

In April of 2010, the initiative launched the “Mobile Innovators Challenge” announcing Team “Free Gifts” as Gold Medal Winner of the annual event.
Team “Free Gifts” walked away with “Best of Show” at the University California Polytechnic (Cal Poly) Pomona, CA event.

The initiative launched a education campaign to promote Why Career Technical Education featuring thousands of daily news items, videos and one on one interviews regarding Why CTE is important providing rigor, relevancy and relationships. supports teachers as well as career and college bound students, lifelong learning and opportunities in all aspects of CTE education.

In mid-year, the initiative introduced a series comprehensive programs and web resources to promote general IT and New Media education and awareness. Resources that feature thousands of daily IT and New Media news clips, free training videos, financial aid resources, one on one interviews regarding a host of IT and New Media topics including a list of IT and New Media jobs, tips on how to land and keep them. Web resources provide relevant, timely and cutting edge resources for students, teachers, administrators and parents interested in IT and New Media.

IT and New Media Career Exploration Resources

New Media Careers.
Web Professional Careers

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Why Career Technical Education CTE)

IT and New Media Training Resources

School of IT
School of Web

IT and New Media Degree Educational Pathway Resources

New Media Degrees
Web Design Degrees
Web Development Degrees
Web Engineering Degrees

IT and New Media Job Resources

Web Development Jobs

New Media Jobs
Green IT Jobs
Web Professional Jobs

IT and New Media Curriculum Resources

Web Developer Curriculum
Web Design Curriculum

On Innovation and Awards for Students, Teachers, Administrators and Industry


Mobile Innovators
IT Innovators
IT Innovation Summit Series

Industry Standards Resources

Why Web Standards

Additional outreach Announces IT Innovation Awards at Ohlone College Fremont, CA Leading Information Technology (IT) professionals, organizations, educators received recognition for IT innovations that transform education and innovation in California. Awards were announced at the 10th annual Silicon Valley Students Recycling Used Technology (StRUT) competition.


Back in August of 2010 Bill Cullifer, Executive Director for the not-for-profit membership supported organization was approached by the California Department of Education (CDE) in Sacramento with a request to head up the IT and New Media Cluster efforts to support IT and New Media education and jobs for California. As a result, Cullifer reviewed the various publications the state has published relation to the State Plan, the California Community College Chancellors plan, the California Regional Occupation (CAROP) plan and the Little Hoover Commission analysis of Career Technical Education (CTE) in California. Cullifer also serves as committee member to the Business Education Resource Group (BERG) and to the CAROP group serving 2.5 million CTE students in California.

Working With the Department of Education in Washington D.C.

ONET Report

ONet Resources for the Web Developer

The organization working with business and industry, various Departments of Education and Labor has worked diligently for the last decade to establish guidelines for the Web administrator, Webmaster, Web Developer and other Web professional titles. ONet Website.

Advocacy Activities

Advocates Travel to Sacramento for IT Awareness Month

March 2011 Advocates will Gather on the Steps of the California Capitol

On Monday, March 1st and Tuesday, March 2nd, Information Technology, New Media and Career Technology (CTE) advocates will meet in Sacramento for the 2011 Advocacy Day. This two-day event featured a networking dinner, comprehensive advocacy training sessions, and meetings with congressional offices to advance the legislative agenda on behalf of IT and jobs for California.

Advocates will meet at the California Capitol for a breakfast and a review of how to make an effective legislative visit. While meeting with legislative offices, advocates will urge their Members of the Legislature to support the following critical issues:

• To remain competitive in a global economy and to ensure prosperity we must be innovative to create and retain jobs here at home.
• To build and promote IT and Digital and New Media literacy into general education curriculum in order to equip all graduates with these basic skills.
• To focus on promoting IT and New Media occupation diversity by serving under-represented groups, difficult to reach populations and non-traditional learning organizations including women and minorities.

Thanks to the hard work and outreach of advocates, progress is being made in all of these areas on behalf of Information Technology and New Media. conducts advocacy activities all year long. If you are interested in telling legislators Information Technology, New Media and CTE and enlisting their support, or participating in coordinated events with other advocates, such as Advocacy Day, please contact Bill Cullifer Executive Director

Be an Advocate

What does it mean to be an advocate?

Advocates are people who speak out about something they believe in on behalf of themselves and/or others. Through, outreach to Members of the Legislature and Congress informs policymakers about IT, New Media and CTE issues and how they can take meaningful action.

IT, New Media and CTE advocacy through brings concerned parties together to ensure that we carry clear, impactful messages. Adding your voice to this growing chorus helps expand critical research, initiate important legislation, and facilitate improvements within IT, New Media and CTE. It can be as simple as sending an email or making a call to a legislative office.

Become an IT, New Media and or CTE advocate

Here’s What You Can Do – It’s Easy To Get Started

Identify yourself as a IT, New Media and or CTE advocate, and begin receiving information from about current and upcoming legislative efforts . . .

E-mail Bill Cullifer at

In the e-mail include your name, address with zip code, and a brief description of your interest in IT and or CTE.

Advocates tell their stories

Here are the experiences of people experiencing the benefits of IT and CTE every day. Through and IT and CTE advocacy they have put their hopes for change into action.

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