About the School of Web and Why This Initiative Matters

* Introduction
* How did the SchoolofWeb.org get started and why
* SchoolofWeb.org Goals
* Why the SchoolofWeb.org Matters to Students, Teachers, Business and Industry and those that Hire
* Benefits of Joining the SchoolofWeb.org
* What’s Inside the SchoolofWeb.org


As key stakeholders consisting of practicing Web professionals, experienced educators, community and business leaders we have an obligation to do better. We need to challenge one another and commit to a course of action that will improve student outcomes and a better prepared work force for tomorrow’s workplace needs.

For example:

* Practicing Web professionals want access to the most relevant training resources to accomplish their goals including the skills and technologies that employers want and need the most.
* Students want to know that they are getting an excellent education that prepares them for meaningful employment.
* Teachers want to make sure their instruction is on-target and to know “what works” while seeking and receiving support to help them improve their practice through better curriculum and partnerships.
* Education program managers want help developing good site level plans so they can help teachers effectively implement change that will produce results, happy and successful students and good will in the community.
* Policy decision makers want to see improved results on a limited budget and time constraints.

Web Design, Web Development and New Media are integral parts of modern life. The Web profession offers a dynamic and entrepreneurial working environment that has had a revolutionary impact on the global economy and on society. Among its most important functions are the efficient transmission of information, storage and analysis of information and display through computer networks and systems, the Internet, and computer databases. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for Web and New Media professionals will continue to be strong as more of these workers will be needed to accommodate the increasing amount of data sent and number of devices over the Internet, as well as the growing number of Internet users.

How did the SchoolofWeb.org get started and why?

Back in 1996, the WebProfessionals.org WebProfessionals.org aka “World Organization of Webmasters” association was founded. Its founders and its supporters have been advocating on behalf educational resources for Web professionals and those that teach ever since.

What are the goals of the SchoolofWeb.org

The School of Web is an industry wide partnership initiative that aims to support careers in the Web profession.

Why the SchoolofWeb.org matters to Students and Educators

For students

Click here to learn why the SchoolofWeb.org initiative matters for those seeking a career in the Web profession and a summary of why interdisciplinary education for Web professionals is important

For Educators and those that teach Web professional topics

Click here to learn why the SchoolofWeb.org initiative matters for those that teach and why Interdisciplinary Education for Web professionals is important

Membership Benefits and Why Join the SchoolofWeb.org

Follow this link for complete benefits and why you should consider joining the SchoolofWeb.org

Additional Resources

Check out the WebProfessionals.org Advocacy efforts to unify Web professional education and to support aspiring and practicing Web professionals including those that teach

For additional information about the SchoolofWeb.org from the perspective of our Executive Committee and the WebProfessional.org efforts to advocate on behalf of the Web Profession visit:

What teachers need to know about interdisciplinary education

SchoolofWeb.org Executive Committee

WebProfessionals.org and the SchoolofWeb.org Advocacy efforts

What’s Inside for SchoolofWeb.org Members

As a member of the SchoolofWeb.org you will have access to:

* Web design, Web development and Web business resources including educational content, custom curriculum and training resources covering advanced techniques, and the most up-to-date best practices and methods
* Regularly scheduled activities, test your thinking quizzes and prizes offered by the WebProfessionals.org association
* Web professional directories
* Web professional job boards
* Web professional career guides
* How-to guides to establish a Web professional program at your school or college